Saturday, 6 February 2016

Week 5- Heroes Again

Oh what a dreadful scene, Snag the red, fire-breathing dragon was in a rotten mood. Some lunatic, playing a prank prodded a long sharp lance into Snag’s smooth scaly skin. Consequently, Snag has left Dushku in a wild inferno. He has left out his anger once again. The blazing village is no match for the winged fire fighters. These magnificent men squirt cold quenching water from their hands. They will fly up and save the helpless people then put out the fires. They courageously give their services without thought of their own safety. The government of Ariam should really think about honouring these men.

Rishikesh 5T

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  1. Mrs Maddison, Team 100WC, Ireland8 February 2016 at 01:38

    What a fantastic piece of writing, I really enjoyed my journey into the world of Ariam! Your opening line draws the reader in and you paint a vivid picture of Snag, the irritable dragon and the poor village of Dushku, suffering the consequences of his anger. You used some great language and really captured the spirit of this week's picture prompt. Well done!