Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Week 23 - Baking School

It was my first day of baking club. Walking in gingerly, I discovered a whole new experience at my doorstep.
Stir, stir, stir, mix, mix, mix. My arms felt like they were going to fall of when I poured in the yellow egg yolk however my teacher stared at me as if I had done a remarkable job but really It was a mess the dough was runny and flower was everywhere. “Here it goes” I mumbled and into the oven it went.
This can’t be, as soon as I opened the oven there it stood the master piece and a delight I would enjoy at home.
Jack 5T

Monday, 6 March 2017

100 Word Challenge

The weekly writing competition is going to take a break now for a few months and will hopefully return in the summer. Thank you to everyone for entering!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Week 23 - 26th February 2017

This week you have five words to include in your writing. They can appear in any order but you must include all five.

…however, yellow, gingerly, discovered, remarkable…

Remember you only have 100 words! When you have finished, email your writing to 100words@cleves.co.uk and your work will appear on this website. Make sure your writing has a title and you include your name and class at the bottom. Remember also to check your work through carefully before emailing. Keep visiting the site as others may comment and give you feedback on your piece of writing. House points will also be given and remember there is a book voucher worth £5 awarded every week.

The deadline for entries is 6pm next Saturday.

Week 23 - Under water

This is about a yellow submarine with some people inside.One day the submarine began to sink. The people put on their swimming suits and swimming goggles .Then they gingerly jumped out of the submarine but they saw their remarkable destiny, the sea that their submarine was swimming in they had never see before.This is the most wonderful thing I have ever discovered said one of them.Look over there at the mermaids! We could live here maybe they could turn us into one too. However they don't have any wands...

Melissa 3C

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Week 23 - A terrible start to a terrible end

One day, there were a few friends playing in the park, when abruptly their yellow ball fell into a hole. They tried to get it back by enlarging the hole in the ground. One by one, they gingerly crawled in but they couldn't find their ball. Remarkably, one of them found an alleyway behind some rocks. Travelling down, the boys noticed that the soil beneath them became damp. Suddenly, they realised they had discovered an oil well. Quivering with excitement, they bickered selfishly among themselves knowing they could earn lots of money. However, none of them were ever seen again.

Dhruv 5K

Week 23 - A remarkable day at the beach

One remarkable day we were on the beach, playing in the sea. When I discovered a yellow fish. I gingerly took it, however the fish was dead so it will not bite me. But when I showed it to my mum she was terrified of what I showed her. She told me to put it straight bach in the water. Her face went purplish blue. Her ears were about to explode, she was shaky. I was horrified to see that she was like this.

Amy 3S

Week 23 - Sam's Birthday

It was Sam’s BIRTHDAY!  He was so excited for present time.  Sam had still not planned his birthday party.  When he got back from school, he gingerly opened his biggest present first.  Inside he discovered a remarkable surprise....  It was a massive camping playset.    “That’s what I want to do for my party,” said Sam.  “I want a camping party!”  However, it was mid December and very cold.  “Don’t worry Sam,” said his Mum. “We don’t need a bright yellow sun outdoors.  We can have a camping party indoors.”  Camping indoors!  That would be the best party ever.

Katherine 3C

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Week23 - The Climb

As Bob stood in front of the Statue of Liberty he wanted to go on the top of it. He saw it was yellow as the sun glinted at it. He did lots of research about it and realized the best time to climb was at night. He peered up at the looming statue that glared down at him from its great height. It was very remarkable, so it was hard to miss. Later that day, when the sun had went down, Bob gingerly found his footing and hauled himself up. However, he didn’t notice someone was looking at him...
Vincent 5GL

Week 23 - The Great Discovery

The world-famous explorer, Sebastian Montgomery, set out on a dangerous expedition to find a “Ducktraptor” which is a yellow creature which lived in the pre-historic period and is the last survivor of its species. Its ability is to hypnotise its prey by doing a remarkable, captivating dance. This creature is extremely cute, however, don’t let this fool you. Sebastian Montgomery gingerly approached a large bush in the tropical forest. The bush moved once. Then twice. Then out from the bush hovered a cute creature. The creature came closer. It turned into a monstrous spider. He discovered how the creature transformed!
Max 4W

Monday, 27 February 2017

Week 23 - The paintball party

The paintball party was going well until another group joined ours. They brought smoke bombs with them and M16s. When it was my team’s turn, we faced some remarkable children from the other group. They were really good and had stink bombs, but luckily I discovered something in the ground...it was a bag of yellow smoke bombs. We kept throwing them around the outside … however, only then had I realised our mistake. I gingerly walked around the smoke trying not to be heard… BANG! he got me. It knocked off my helmet and sent me to the floor……
 Sean 5T

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Week 22 - 19th February 2017

For the prompt this week, we thought we would do something a little different. Rather than having part of a sentence or some individual words we have a theme. You can take it anywhere you want to! It is:


You could tell your readers what makes you laugh or how you feel when you laugh. You might like to recount a funny story to make your readers laugh. Bring tears to our eyes!

Remember you only have 100 words! When you have finished, email your writing to 100words@cleves.co.uk and your work will appear on this website. Make sure your writing has a title and you include your name and class at the bottom. Remember also to check your work through carefully before emailing. Keep visiting the site as others may comment and give you feedback on your piece of writing. House points will also be given and remember there is a book voucher worth £5 awarded every week.

The deadline for entries is 6pm next Saturday.

Week 22 - My Laughter

A lot of people make me laugh, even if it they’re just tickling me. I do laugh at jokes, however the jokes that I laugh to most are the most pointless jokes you could ever think of. E.g: “What did Batman say to Robin before they got in the car? Get in the car.” Concluding from that, I laugh even whilst I’m crying. Also, I often make other people laugh, but when I make them laugh, it’s usually by accident! Once my mum said something, but when I was drinking I accidentally sneezed, and everyone thought I was laughing!

Euan 5SM

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Week 22 - Sad times

Laughter boomed around the hall. I felt embarrassed, as I noticed millions of beady eyes staring at me. As my ears turned hot, the laughter bounced around endlessly. My enemy stood there hooting with laughter. She jeered in a mocking tone. I wished for it to end. It never did. I stood still, frozen as hundreds of voices echoed in my head. I put my head in my hands and slouched away into the darkness. The irritating laughter followed me as if it were a ghost teasing me recklessly. Day by day it grew louder and louder until I snapped.

Dhruv 5K

Week 22 - The Circus

In the street I saw a huge tent being put up. A circus was coming to town! There would be clowns doing silly acts and funny things. There were chucking pies in the other clowns faces, squirting water at the people and walking on high ropes. One clown came up to me and told a joke. “Why did the clown cross the road?” I said “I don’t know?” The clown replied “To get his rubber chicken!!” I laughed so much I fell off my chair. When I go to the circus the clowns make me laugh.

Amy 3S

Week 22 - The Joke

As I listened intently to the joke my Dad was telling me, he got on the humorous part rapidly. He spoke so fast that his mouth was like a wheel of a formula 1 car in a race. When it was the funniest part, I burst out laughing. My mouth was widely open and giggles passed by my lips. When I cackled uncontrollably, I had to clutch my ribs to stop them from hurting. My nose felt as if it was going to explode, but I continued to laugh. A tickling sensation washed over me a like a tsunami flooding a city.

Vincent 5GL

Week 22 - Laughter

I am going to tell a story which will guarantee to make you smile.

I had just woken up from my nap and I went in search of some yummy food. Surprisingly, I managed to pull my self up the fridge handles and open the door. The thing that really caught my eye was the round watermelon Which I thought was a football. The thought of kicking it round the house got me excited! So I took it out of the fridge and threw it hard on the floor waiting for it to bounce back. But instead it splattered all over the floor. Although my mum got mad she saw the funny side.

Finlay 3F

Week 22 - The Last Laugh

Jessica was playing with her friends on a beautiful day; the sun was beaming down on them. Ruby was teaching her how to do a cartwheel. Once she had got the hang of it she went over to the concrete area. As she was only a beginner, she fell, landing face down on the ground. “Are you ok?” whispered Ruby. Jessica lay motionless. Suddenly, they heard something. A giggle... a chuckle... a guffaw! Jessica shot upwards. “That was the best fun ever!” she laughed. Her friends crowded round relieved. They burst out laughing and hugged like they’d never let go.

Bethan 6E

Week 22 - Laughter

Laughter is fun to do when you're happy and you get a tingly feeling inside you - that is happiness. Don’t be a rain cloud and a torpedo inside! Not being happy, being sad, no cheer inside you and worst of all ...no laughter inside you! So don’t be a storm cloud. Go and have fun and a giggle with your friends! The great places to laugh are in the park, or at a picnic with your friends by your side, but the best place is with your loving family!

Alice 3F

Week 22 - The star that fell

I was about to go to my favourite pop star concert. I was so excited and every one I knew was going. The music started playing and the star walked out onto the stage. He started strutting around the stage while he was singing, but he wasn't paying much attention because he was looking at the audience. Suddenly he fell off the edge! Everyone started laughing so hard that tears ran down their faces. Guilty I realised it wasn't very kind to laugh at someone else's misfortune, especially when it ends in an ambulance trip!

Murray 6F

Friday, 24 February 2017

Week 22 - Laughter

Laughter, it was everywhere echoing around the playground. Even the swings seemed to be laughing. Suddenly I felt my eyes going hot and watery – no I couldn’t cry, not in front of Emily and her gang.
I blinked hard, willing the tears to go away.
“Crying are we!” Boomed Emily
“Of course not.” I mumbled, but as I said it I could feel a tear racing down my cheek. Then the laughing started again! It was a lion roaring in my ear, I begged him to stop but he didn’t he went on and on getting louder and louder.
Anna 4K

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Week 22 - Giggling fits in 10 Downing Street

The laughter bounced off the walls, making the giggling noise echo around the sincere faces of parliament. “Minister. Marito, stop laughing! What is there to laugh about in a serious conversation like this?” hollered the prime minister, her voice slurring. “Your wig, Prime Minister, it is so eccentric and every so often it buzzes, making very bizarre noises!” snorted Minister Marito as tears ran from his olive green eyes. “Enough,” Bellowed the Prime Minister, “I will not have this!” Silence echoed around the room as she slammed the door behind her. Then… the whole room burst into unstoppable giggling fits.
Hanna 6A

Week 22 - The ticking noise

"What is that noise?" said Tim curiously.
"Ha! Don't be sil...wait. I hear it as well!"
Tim turned back. A wired bomb
was ticking right before their eyes.
"WE'VE GOT A MINUTE LEFT!" Tim shouted as he
"Don't worry! I know how to cut the wires on this thing!"Harry
exclaimed bravely.
"Is it the red wire?"
The tension got the better of Harry. He cut every wire he saw. As the time hit zero, they were in for a surprise. Confetti went all over their face! Tim looked at Harry. They started laughing!
Nawon Kim 6A

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Week 20 - 5th February 2017

This week you have part of a sentence to include in your 100 words. The prompt is:

…the noise was SO loud…

Things to think about:
  • What sound is it?
  • How loud should it be?
  • Why is it a problem at the level it is?
  • What can be done about it?
Remember you only have 100 words! When you have finished, email your writing to 100words@cleves.co.uk and your work will appear on this website. Make sure your writing has a title and you include your name and class at the bottom. Remember also to check your work through carefully before emailing. Keep visiting the site as others may comment and give you feedback on your piece of writing. House points will also be given and remember there is a book voucher worth £5 awarded every week.

The deadline for entries is 6pm next Saturday.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Week 20 - The Trumpet

One day at the start of term, I was desperate to have my first trumpet lesson. I told my mum I would practice a lot. After my first lesson I went of to practice. I started playing the first few notes when my mum interrupts me and says”The noise so loud”. Mum likes it to be quite in our house but I am the complete opposite

The next day my mum hid my trumpet so I could not play. Where could it be? Well I knew it was gold, so I looked for shiny thing and I found it.

Amy 3C

Week 20 - Fright

It's my birthday party and I'm turning 8. I have invited lots of friends and we have set up the disco lights. The music is on and most people are dancing. Some people are playing games, others are eating yummy food like party rings, lollipops, and ice cream. My brother and his friends are running around shouting and screaming and the noise was so loud from the whole party that the balloons burst. We all got a massive fright and some girls started crying. When we realised what had happened we all started laughing.

Helen 3C

Week 20 - Lift off

I was so excited because my dad was taking me to see a rocket take off. It was a very long drive
but I didn't care. 'We finally arrived at the viewing field where there was a big black timer counting down how long it would take until lift off. It was still another hour so we had some lunch. 

Finally it reached ten seconds until lift off. We all stood and watched as the engines started. The noise was SO loud as I watched the rocket start its journey to the international space station.

Murray 6F

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Week 20 - Crining

I had only lived in this mansion on the beach of Thailand, with its ornate statues and decorated walls, for a day and still I knew something was strange. My uncle’s servants always whispered and now there was a crying noise that woke me up. The ear piercing screech didn’t stop. The noise was SO loud everyone in the house must now be awake. I slipped into my slippers and crept down the hallway with my candle held tightly in my hand. It sounded like a young boy but there were no other children in the house or were there?...
Megan 5SM

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Week 20 - Step By Step

Suddenly I heard a thud, the noise was so loud it nearly burst my eardrums. With trepidation, I got out of my bed and crept down our creaky stairs to see what had happened! I searched around and I couldn’t find anything. I carried on looking for another long 10 minutes, without being able to work out the mystery. Worryingly, I started to hear heavy footsteps approaching from the hallway. I wanted to check, but I was frozen to the spot. I tried to overcome my torturous fears but I couldn’t. When suddenly something viciously grabbed me…
Rupert 5SM

Week 20 - Eagle menace!

The noise was SO loud that my head felt like it would burst like the fragile, orange shell of an egg. Huge birds of prey circled the area, circling a kill. Bright red blood was everywhere, in small stagnant pools or a giant gushing rivers. Standing outside the ring of death, my head was filled with all sorts of gruesome images; massive talons reaching out on weak, helpless prey, the lights go out in it’s eyes. I felt like an intruder in my own head. I shouldn’t be seeing this. This was only what the eagles should see.
 Alexander 5SM

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Week 20 - The noise was SO loud...

As I dug the drill into the ground of the building site, my ears popped at the deafening noise of the twisting, churning blade. The noise was SO loud that the other workers around me bowed their heads deeper into their work, obviously trying to muffle the cacophony. While I carried on with my work, I saw the builders clanging around and talking in duplicitous whispers. I knew that they had a superior job to me, but I kept my feelings away from the ears of the other workers, whose whispers rose to an excited chatter as the boss left.
Maya 5T

Week 20 - Lost?

For a second I wondered where everybody was. I swear I'd seen that tree before but then again, they all look the same.Suddenly I heard some rustling. At first I thought it might have been one of the classmates or may be a teacher but no there wasn't a voice,just rustling.The noise got louder and louder so I started to walk. I knew someone was following me when The noise was SO loud! It was scary getting lost on a school trip. Especially on your own! Finally I realised, that the noise must have been... behind me...
Emily 5K

Monday, 6 February 2017

Week 20 - The Musical Parade

As I started to walk, I heard a strange sound like a million trombones playing simultaneously, from a long distance away. When I got closer I shoved my hands in my ears to stop them vibrating. It was a racket! The noise was so loud that I could feel my eardrums shaking. I heard someone shouting, “get out of the way!” Unfortunately, my legs were turning into jelly. My mind began to buzz at me to sprint. However, my feet were glued to the ground, stationary… After questioning the crowd, I was soon relieved, that it was a musical parade!
Vincent 5GL

Week 20 - The Bed Monster

It was a dark night when two siblings lay quietly in their beds. At first the bedroom was silent. However, it seemed the bedroom got louder and louder. Soon the deafening noise awoke both of the exhausted children and kept growing louder and louder. You see, these children were constantly having terrible sleep and they wanted to know why. They slumped wearily out of their beds and decided to make a marvellous trap. They tied some cookies and a fishing rod together and waited. Soon they heard a horrible screeching sound. The noise was SO loud. Has the trap worked?...
Max 4W

Week 20 - Shots?

Glaring up at the dazzling blue and hot summers sky, I mesmirised the imparraled view. Not a single cloud to be seen. Twirling my hair like a strings of spaggheti, I clenched the small plastic bottle beside me. Patiently, I unscrewed the blue lined cap, as I took in a deep breath in and gulped a quarter of the water down my throat. Picking myself up off the warm grassy floor I heard a cocoughphony of small sharp noises as if like pistle shots. Next I felt the impact of an outragously loud noise rush past my tand cheeks...
Edward 5SM

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Week 19 - 29th January 2017

As you can see, the prompt this week is a picture. It is actually a photograph of an art installation by Luke Jerram of boats in Bristol’s Leigh Woods

What does the picture say? What story does it tell? There are lots of why and where’s to be asked this week!

Remember you only have 100 words! When you have finished, email your writing to 100words@cleves.co.uk and your work will appear on this website. Make sure your writing has a title and you include your name and class at the bottom. Remember also to check your work through carefully before emailing. Keep visiting the site as others may comment and give you feedback on your piece of writing. House points will also be given and remember there is a book voucher worth £5 awarded every week.

The deadline for entries is 6pm next Saturday.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Week 19 - Beach Memories

This picture remindes me of when I was 4 I was sitting on the beach with my Nana and Grandad with lots of boats around me going out to sea. They were all lined up one by one in numberd order 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and so on. Some of them were blue and some were grey. I met a fraind there to. Then I played with my toy water penguin. I met a captain of a boat.

Scarlett 3F


A long time ago in about 1891 there was a river with boats. After a few years later the river dried up and the boats were left with the soil.Humans found the boats and were puzzled.The next month trees grew so became a wood.Insects made a party.The humans went away. The boats became old and green moss covered the boats.After the insects made their houses inside and around the boats.Then people came and destroyed the insects houses so they had to go and find a new home and so did the people and the boats stayed where they were for centuries.

Melissa 3C

Week 19 - Thirst

There once was a forest with lumbering towering trees and in the middle of the forest there was a group of boats. Many people wonder how they got there. Legend has it that there was once a magnificent lake with sparkling water and lime green trees sprouting all around the edges of it. One day a lanky giant came looking for water to drink. He found the lake. He pulled out a long straw and sucked up all of the water, quenching his massive thirst. Now the boats are just rotting away on the leafy forest floor.

Murray 6F

Week 19 - Long ago

Once upon a time before cars were invented people used magic flying boats to get from place to place. The boats came to a forest but then the magic ran out so they fell to the ground. All the people that were in the flying boats were so frightened that they screamed. As if that wasn't bad enough then a big monster came and chased them away. No-one knows what happened to them because they never came back. Some people think that they were eaten. Some people think they got lost.

Helen 3C

Week 19 - Boat Number Seven

As I clambered onto boat number seven, I pulled my blanket over me and reached for some food. When we were settled, mother began telling one of her enchanting stories to distract us and we listened intently. Later that night, I tossed and turned thinking about the flood which had savaged our home and swept us into these haunting woods. Each day, I, being the eldest of five, foraged for mushrooms and berries that nestled beneath bushes. This had been our food for days. I turned over, attempting to sleep. Would we ever return to the home we loved so dearly?

Claudia 6F

Week 19 - Strange sightings

I woke up this morning and just lay in bed, not moving a muscle. Mum had always said that on a Monday morning I should get out of bed and immediately dress myself. Finally, I dragged myself out of bed and and got ready to go to school. School was no better than home. All the teachers had those dull, boring voices ,like in films. On the way to school through the car window, I saw a forest go up in flames. I blinked. The scene changed to a forest with boats in it. It stayed that forever.

Alexander 5SM

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Week 19 - In the wood

In a deep wood that had lots of dark hollow trees. It was surrounded by some lovely towns, this was put on an Island far from where you live. In the wood was lots of boats, there was a river by it but no one ever sailed. Maybe it was because of the amount of people who lived there or was it because no one liked it? Who did the boats belong to? Why were they abandoned? Well it was a mystery. I think they were full of ghosts and big hairy, scary tarantulas. 
Amy 3S

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Week 19 - Shipwrecked

Out journeying on the vast open sea the sailors jaw lowered he leant backwards for there was a colossal wave building up its strength. It was no Tsunami, it was double the size of one. Ready to embrace impact the sailors tied ropes to the mast. Gripping onto it. Last words were shared begging for the Gods mercy. The death defying wave began to curve over there was no escape. Splash! All the ships split in two but they had survived. Now shipwrecked on a lonely gloomy island the sailors tried to come up with a plan to get to their families once again.
Jack 5T

Monday, 30 January 2017

Week 19 - Camperboats

Once Joe went to visit his grandad who lived in the forest across the lake.When Joe arrived there by boat he was exhausted.He walked to his grandad’s house but it wasn’t any house it was a boat.Nearby,there were few more boats .He said in a charming tone’’ I’ll tell you a story’’.3000 years back they used camperboats instead of campervans. The camperboats had wheels which meant they can go on land and water.Joe was excited to hear this and said, ‘’I am going to live in a camperboat when I grow up.’’ Grandpa smiled.
Pritika 3S

Week 19 - The Naughty Spider Monkeys!

Once upon a time there was a troop of naughty spider monkeys and they stole some big, old boats from the river nearby because they wanted to build cosy houses out of the boats. They looked inside the ancient boats and they found some soft blankets, pillows wooden tables, chairs, cosy sofas and the small beds. They were really excited because they wanted to be like people. The people were amazed by how the cheeky monkeys had taken so many big boats, so they decided to let the spider monkeys keep the house boats in the dark, foggy forest forever.
Emily 3C

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Week 18 - 22nd January 2017

This week, we have five words that must all be put into your writing. They can be in any order but must all be there.

…steel, carrots, tearful, under, mauve …

Remember you only have 100 words! When you have finished, email your writing to 100words@cleves.co.uk and your work will appear on this website. Make sure your writing has a title and you include your name and class at the bottom. Remember also to check your work through carefully before emailing. Keep visiting the site as others may comment and give you feedback on your piece of writing. House points will also be given and remember there is a book voucher worth £5 awarded every week.

The deadline for entries is 6pm next Saturday.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Week 18 - Finding Nemo

It was a beautiful, sunny day so I decided to help mummy dig the carrots out of the vegetable patch in our garden. As I dug down with my steel spade, I felt something hard under the soil. It was a mauve box and I realised that it was the same box that I had buried my first fish called Nemo in. When I opened the box, I saw the little dead body of the fish and it made feel tearful. Trying not to cry, I returned the box to the hole and told myself to be brave.

Rosanna 4W

Week 18 - The Cheeky Rabbit

Once there was a cheeky rabbit with a mauve jacket and red boots. He sneaks into a mean persons garden everyday and tries to steal some carrots. But one day a big, steel wheelbarrow was blocking the path. The rabbit was very tearful. Some seconds later the rabbit had a bright idea. He had to dig under the steel wheelbarrow. He managed to get lots of carrots. Then the owner of this garden came in and tried to EAT the cheeky rabbit. He got away in the end still with the carrots.

Amy 3S

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Week 18 - War!

The sky was a deep crimson red, exactly the colour of blood, except for a few streaks of mauve. A willow tree leant over a sea of dead bodies, dew dripping from it’s leaves. It was a tearful soul, crying over the deaths of so many. A ripped and bedraggled poster for carrots hung under it’s branches. Scientists had figured out about radar and, to keep the enemy unknowing, they advertised it as carrots that supposedly made you see in the dark. A rusty steel sword stuck in it’s wood and sap poured out in a great gushing river.
Alexander 5SM

Week 18 - The mixed up fairy tale

Once upon a time princess Snow White, aged only two, was sent out to live with three fairies, in a wild cottage in the enchanted forest.
Ten years later, she found a house with nine little dwarfs with different personalities. They paid her to tidy while they went down to mine mauve gems that looked like stars in the sky.
A beast prince with a steel walking stick showed up at the window. He handed Snow White a carrot. It looked delicious. She could not help but try a bit. She became tearful and couldn’t stay awake. She fell down..
Megan 5SM