Saturday, 16 January 2016

Week 2 - As I Joined the Queue

As I joined the queue at the airport for my flight to Dubai, I reached to grab my passport and ticket for the flight. I handed it to the man at the ticket station and boarded the plane. When I sat down comfortably I reached to get my wallet out of my pocket, then that was when it struck me... My wallet? Could I have left it at home? Or could I have put it in my suitcase? Or in my rucksack? Or... or... or, anything could have happened to it! About half an hour later the plane started it's journey...

Minsung 6E


  1. Nightmare! Has that ever happened to anyone you know?

  2. Minsung this is an excellent piece of work! You've used a variety of punctuation to help create suspense and I love your use of rhetorical questions to help us readers get an idea of what the character is thinking. Keep up the excellent work.

    Miss Hart, UK