Thursday, 14 January 2016

Week 2- Christmas holidays

Abdullah is a 10 year old boy who doesn't celebrate Christmas. But just because Abdullah doesn't celebrate Christmas that doesn't mean he can't have fun in the Christmas holiday. Abdullah had the best time of his life. Read on to find out what he did.

Abdullah got a late start the next day because he slept at 3:00am. Abdullah sat down and started eating breakfast, he was almost finished when he told his dad he wanted to go to AIRHOP using the free ticket he got for his birthday. Abdullah’s dad told him that they would go there tomorrow. The next day Abdullah went there with so much excitement that he nearly started jumping up and down in the middle of the street. Once Abdullah got there he ran to the trampolines and jumped up and down until he was sweating like a waterfall.The next day Abdullah’s dad asked him if he wants to go swimming. Abdullah said okay and asked if his friend can come with them. Abdullah's dad said okay
and they all went to go swimming. Abdullah and his friend Ali stayed in the swimming pool for longer than two hours. After they got out they went home and played on the PS3. It was coming near 8:00pm. Abdullah’s dad told him that Ali’s dad was coming to pick him up.Abdullah his dad and his mom arranged a few times to go to Safari adventure golf but they never got to do it. Before the Christmas holiday Abdullah thought he wasn't going to get much to do, but he was wrong because he got to do more things than he thought. Before the holiday Abdullah didn't think it would be the best holiday.

Abdullah, 5T

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  1. A very detailed story - it looks like Abdullah had a very busy day. Well done!

    Next time, try to keep to just 100 words and try and start sentences in different ways.