Thursday, 14 January 2016

Week 2- Wonderworld

As I waited in the queue the rain poured down like massive boulders hammering on my head. I looked up to see a bolt of lightning, but then I remembered what I was waiting for……. to go into WONDERWORLD!! I can’t wait. I just can’t wait. Woohooo it’s my turn. O000hh it’s …………….. BEAUTIFUL. Oh my goodness is that what I think it is……….yes it is, glimmering diamonds in a
river! There’s a fairy she’s beautiful. Oh my, look at that little family of cats they’re soooooooo cute! Oh my, that rainbow is amazing. WONDERWORLD is really a WONDER.

Anna, 3F


  1. Your story is very WONDER-ful!I also loved the way you put the word WONDERWORLD in CAPITALS.

  2. Well done Anna, I enjoyed reading your piece of writing. It sounds like Wonderland is a very exciting place!