Friday, 22 April 2016

Week 14- The Box

Machines whirred. Mixers churned and I stared. PLOP! Something fell into the shiny metallic box. Cautiously, I stepped forward and plunged my hand , which was covered in a thermal glove, into the icy clouds. As I put my hand into the box and felt a gloopy mixture swallow it up. Frantically, whilst my eyes were closed, I yanked out my gloopy hand. My eyes shot open. What was this goopy mess that I had just made? Suddenly it slipped out of my hand and onto the floor. I blinked. It was back in my hand! It was Flubber! Flying Rubber.

Lottie, 5W

1 comment:

  1. Great job Lottie! I loved how you used parenthesis, onomatopoeia and fronted adverbials. Great blog! :)