Sunday, 7 February 2016

Week 5- The Time Train

I couldn’t believe it. My Dad had invented a time train. There it was, gleaming red and its name ran about the length of the engine; The Scarlet Fox. I jumped in, and we quickly sped off.

It was marvellous. We stormed through the year 1998, and 1999, but then all too quickly we were in 2000. That gave me a fright. Orange flames licked up the side of a house, and a woman and boy stood there, petrified. Winged firefighters like bats flew around, trying to help.

The engine’s stuck! I heard Dad say. Then it all went black.
Kate 6R

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  1. Nice work, Kate. I like the idea of a train steaming through time. I think I would like to go back in time rather than forwards...