Friday, 5 February 2016

Week 5- The Flying Fireman

It was 6 am and the alarm bells started clanging. We leapt out of bed, slid down the pole, and strapped on our winged backpacks. We left Gary to drive the fire engine and the rest of us soared towards the emergency.

Scorching flames were pouring out of the window. I heard petrified screams coming from a balcony on the fourth floor. Swooping towards them, I saw an alarmed mother clutching a squalling baby. I grasped the helpless baby and Jason grabbed the mother. The crowd gave a huge sigh of relief. I felt fantastic for helping to save yet more people.

Ella 3C

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  1. Hi Ella, great story and some really fantastic vocab here! I especially like 'clanging', 'scorching' 'petrified' and 'squalling' - great choices! I'm glad all the people were saved in the end. Perhaps some speech would have made this story even more exciting?