Saturday, 6 February 2016

Week 5- Flight of Fancy

In 2000, just across from Buckingham Palace, there was a firefighter named Bob. Bob was poor and lonely. In his fire station there were lots of artificial wings lying all over the place.

Suddenly they heard an alarm bell ring.

‘’It’s a fire!’’ Bob exclaimed.

The brave men scampered out of the building into the street with their wings tied on their backs. They flapped and flew towards a burning hotel. There was a beautiful lady shrieking and holding a baby. Bob rescued them and together they flew away.The saved baby was happy and the lady married Bob.

John 3S


  1. Hi John, this is a great story with a lovely ending and I can see that you have thought very carefully about the prompt. I like the fact that you have included some speech and have been really careful with your punctuation. I also like the variety of sentence structures you have used. Well done!

  2. What a lovely story John. Well done.

  3. What a lovely story John. Well done.