Friday, 5 February 2016

Week 5- The Flierman

It had been a relaxing day and all was well until there was a devastating fire.

Trying to escape the burning house, I had one child in my arms and the other who was petrified and struggling to keep up.

Through the polluted air I could see a winged animal. Surely not Pegasus? He’s only in fairy tales! As it came closer the shape of a man appeared. The flierman landed on our balcony ruins and brought the baby and I down to safety. Just as he was about to use the water hose, I screamed “ WHAT ABOUT OUR SISTER?”

Isabella 3S


  1. Isabella what a dramatic and exciting story to read, and the ending had me at the edge of my seat! I wonder what will happen to their sister? You used some really great descriptive words that made your story fun to read, and I like the rhetorical question posed about Pegasus - really nice work all around.