Thursday, 28 January 2016

Week 4- The Monkey

It was a normal morning but later that day ,I decided to go on a walk in the woods.When I got there I started to hear howling it was a loud howl the thing it came from must of been hurt.I had to find it before it was too late ,I started to search for it ...everywhere.It took me around ten minutes to find it,when I saw it I nearly fainted in exitment…… was a monkeyif you did not know I love monkeys so much I had to take it home.

Emily, 5L


  1. Make sure you put spaces where they need to go. Such as on either side of an ellipsis. Also an ellipsis is only three dots. Otherwise I like your story!

  2. I hope this story is true. I love monkeys too!

    Must of should be must have like should have - should've, could have, would have.

    Great effort.