Saturday, 30 January 2016

Week 4- Lost

Caught in a paralysis of fear, a chill of frosty air shivered down my spine. Suddenly, a bloodcurdling, earsplitting scream pierced the sky and turned my veins to ice. Like a candle being snuffed of light, my face turned pale; as swiftly as a knife, a menacing shadow darted behind a gnarled oak tree. Without warning, an immense blow pummelled me over the head and I tumbled into darkness. I woke up in a pool of sweat on my bed. Convinced it was all a dream, I went to school, but later that day, the screams of demons surrounded me…

James 6A


  1. Wow James you have written quite a dramatic story and done a really nice job of writing that paints the darker tone of your story. I love all the great adjectives you used that keep the reader on the edge, and the ending is certainly mysterious as well. Keep up the good work writing on the 100WC.

  2. Well done, James. Definitely influenced by our story work in class I think. You have used one of my favourite words: gnarled.

  3. Fantastic ending James, great effort.