Saturday, 16 April 2016

Week 13 - Mr Bilby's Growing Spot!

Science is all Mr Bilby cared about, well and how his hair was looking, so he got up one foggy morning got dressed did his hair and then headed over to his science lab. That afternoon Mr Bilby did an experiment, and his glasses fell in some green goo on the side. Very reluctantly, he placed one trembling hand in the goo and fished out his glasses. Suddenly, an itch started to take over his hand. And by no time a spot had popped up, the spot just grew and grew! It was purple and the size of an apple!

Ria 5L

1 comment:

  1. Ria it sounds like Mr. Bilby needs to do some experiments with that nasty green goo and see why it gave him such an odd spot on his hand. What a fun story to read and great imagination in using the prompt. Keep up the good work writing on the 100WC.