Friday, 15 January 2016

Week 2- Lunchtime Lasagne

As I joined the queue for lunch, I was hungry and looking at the lasagne; water dribbling out of my mouth. Eventually, I was second in line and I could smell it – mmmmmmm, but Susan took the last piece. NOOOOooooooo! So, now I have packed lunch and everyday I eat my lunch and watch all the children desperately wanting the last piece of lasagne, but then someone always takes it and walks off grinning smugly. All is silent as someone gasps in disappointment and then the clatter of knives and forks starts again. Maybe next time?

Mia, 3H

1 comment:

  1. Well done Mia, I particularly like the phrases 'grinning smugly' and 'gasps of disappointment' as they bring your piece of writing alive. I also like how you leave your piece of writing with a question.